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Be On Guard For Signs Of Water Damage - United Restoration and Construction

Be On Guard For Signs Of Water Damage

One of the most common and most difficult tasks the United Restoration crew has to handle is the repair of advanced water damage. What many people don’t realize is that advanced water damage can often be prevented by early intervention. Be on the watch for early signs of water damage and take action as soon as you spot them.

Know the Stages of Water Damage
Water damage occurs in stages and in many cases it’s possible to slow down or even halt the damage process if it’s caught soon enough.

• Stage one: Water enters where it’s not wanted. Structures are designed to keep water flowing in particular ways; inside a building water flows through pipes and down drains and outside water is funneled through drainpipes and away from the structure. If the water on any of these paths are diverted, it will end up in places where it has the potential to cause damage. If you notice leaking faucets or broken drainpipes, you’ve spotted the first stage of water damage.
• Stage two: Water begins changing the integrity of material. Wood and other porous material will typically expand in the presence of water; as the water evaporates the material will contract. Repeated expansions and contractions will begin to weaken the material and make it susceptible to more advanced damage. This stage of water damage manifests as damp and discolored spots.
• Stage three: Visible structural damage and possible mold growth. Mold and mildew flourish in cool, damp spaces where water has been present. Mold can grow in a surprisingly short amount of time, often within days in the right conditions.
• Stage four: Widespread visible damage. Advanced water damage will infiltrate into parts of the structure not immediately affected by the initial presence of water. Cracks can indicate structural weakness caused by moisture weight. Mold will continue to grow and become more visible on surfaces.

What to do Next
When you notice the signs of any stage of water damage, give the United Restoration team a call. We have experience halting the damage process at all stages and we can help prevent the problem from becoming worse. If more extensive damage has already set in, we can inspect for mold and handle any mold remediation that needs addressed. We can also take care of any general construction repairs that need handled as a result of more advanced forms of damage.

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