Dealing With The Mold In Your Home After Water Damage

We at United Restoration & Construction have seen it all—extensive mold damage taking over walls, in the ceilings, floors, and pipes filled with the stuff. To make matters worse, some people were even still living in these conditions. It is important that when you have any mold in your home that you get the problem taken care of immediately by a contractor who is and certified.

Find The Source Of The Mold
The first thing that you will want to do is find where the mold is coming from. For example, if there is a pipe in your plumbing somewhere that has sprung a leak, then finding and repairing the leak will also eliminate your mold problem. On the other hand, there are many times where finding the source of the mold is easier said than done. When you are unable to find the source of the mold easily, give us a call we can determine the cause and fix it right away.

Wear Appropriate Safety Gear
Remember that whenever you are working in area that has been water damaged, especially where mold might be present, you need to wear the proper safety gear. This includes gloves and protective masks. Better yet, call in the professionals to diagnose your mold problem, clean it up, and get your house back to where it was before the water damage took over. We are trained, qualified, and experienced to work with even the most hazardous situations, so we can make sure the work is done safely without any negative effects on you and your family.

Keep Mold Spores from Becoming Airborne
After wiping down all of the affected surfaces with a multipurpose cleaner, give those mold spores no chance to escape. Remove anything that has been affected by mold, immediately throw it into airtight plastic bags, and throw it out. Even mold spores being carried out in the open air can escape and spread as they are airborne. For this reason, the job of detecting and removing mold should be left to the professionals.

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