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First Steps To Take After A Serious Flood - United Restoration and Construction

First Steps To Take After A Serious Flood

Floods can be caused by many different things and reach many different levels of severity. Any time there is flooding in your area and your home is damaged by excess water, the first steps you take are critical to ensuring that your home is repaired and protected from any additional damage. As soon as the water recedes or the storm stops, we advise you to take the following steps to protect your most valuable investment: your home.

Contain Additional Risks

If the flooding sustained by your home was significant enough to require you to remove your family from the home, extreme caution should be taken when returning to the home. Before entering your home upon return, check for any structural damage that is visible. Specifically watch for cracks in the foundation, warped or loosened framing, or any holes in the structural elements of the home. Contact your utilities company if you are concerned your home has sustained any damage to the gas, water, electric or sewer lines.

Document The Damage

Before any repairs are made, we recommend that you document all the damage to your home by taking pictures for your insurance company. Your coverage may be decreased if repairs are made or damaged items are removed before your insurance company has an adequate portrayal of the damage you suffered.

Health Concerns

In flooding situations, precautions should always be taken to protect your health. Water that seems clean may still be contaminated by chemicals or sewage materials. Wear the appropriate clothing when visiting your home, and discard any food items that may have been contaminated by floodwaters.

Contact Your Insurance Company

We also recommend contacting your insurance company immediately after a flood in your home. Keep your agent’s name in your emergency bag to ensure that they can be contacted quickly after an emergency.

Cleaning Up

After a major flood in your home, your first priority will be to repair your home and protect your belongings. We provide restoration services for homes that have sustained water damage, and can bill your escrow company directly in order to minimize your inconvenience. Start the restoration process quickly after a flood to protect as many of your belongings as possible.

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