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Guidelines For Mold Remediation - United Restoration and Construction

Guidelines For Mold Remediation

When your home is damaged by water, and the dampness remains, you can quickly develop a problem with mold.  This harmful substance can be bad for your family, and can spread quickly throughout your home.  In order to completely rid your home of mold from water damage in Costa Mesa, we at United Restoration offer full remediation services to help you guarantee your family is breathing clean air.  The following is intended to provide you with information on how this process is completed by our licensed technicians.

Health Concerns From Mold
It has been determined that there are links between mold being present in the home, and several health problems that may develop for those who live within the home.  It’s difficult to create substantial research about the effects of mold on the human body because of several problems within the industry, but correlations have been found with a few things.  Mold can produce allergens and irritants that can cause reactions in humans, resulting in symptoms ranging from coughing and wheezing to upper respiratory tract infections.

The problem with removing mold is that it must first be contained within the area to prevent contamination of the other parts of the home.  This is where our technicians come in to help you.

Assessing The Problem
The first step in the mold remediation process is to assess the extent of the problem.  This helps professionals to determine the best course of action, and also helps to ensure that the right controls are put into place before the remediation begins.  An assessment may be done visually by a qualified technician, and this technician may use his professional judgment and experience to make a final call on how to deal with the problem.  Your technician may also interview those who live in the home to determine the extent of the problem.

When Sampling Is Necessary
There are a few times when it is necessary to officially sample the area for mold.

• When information is needed for a doctor to make a diagnosis
• When remediation protocols must be established
• When it is necessary for a lawsuit or for insurance coverage
• When you are looking for mold that is hidden

These are just a few examples of the times that a professional technician may take an actual sample of the mold and have it sent to a laboratory.

Professional Services
Mold remediation is similar to the process of removing asbestos, and if done wrong, can spread the mold throughout the house.  It’s important to have the right equipment, tools, knowledge, and experience to effectively remove the mold from your home completely.  After your home suffers from water damage in Costa Mesa, United Restoration sends licensed technicians to your location to ensure that any problems are stopped before they start.  If you’ve already discovered a problem within your home with mold, or are concerned that mold may be an issue, we at URSoCal offer you the best service in the business to combat the problem.

Protect Your Family
When mold enters your home, there’s no way to know the area is safe again without the right experience and information.  At United Restoration, we guarantee that your home will be safe and your family will be breathing clean air once we complete our mold remediation services.  For more information on the guidelines we follow when removing mold from your home, click here.

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