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How To Restore Your Home After Water Damage Occurs - United Restoration and Construction

How To Restore Your Home After Water Damage Occurs

Water damage is typically covered by homeowner’s insurance as part of the master policy. It is not generally something that is added as an extra endorsement by the underwriter, but rather it is included in the main document that provides protection against a number of threats. Insurance companies have a detailed description of what water damage is and what conditions would allow for coverage. Is it related to compromised plumbing, rain water entering a home, sewer backup, or flooding caused by overflowing bodies of water? While all of these conditions involve water and damage dwellings and personal property, not all are considered water damage in the insurance industry.

Contacting Your Insurance Company
Contacting the insurance company is the first order of business if you encounter water in your home in areas where it should not be. They can help you file a claim and can tell you if you are insured adequately. If the damage was in fact a water damage claim, they may recommend local contractors like the team at United Restoration and Construction to help you. It is recommended, however, before you ever have a water damage problem that you contact your insurance company to ensure that you have adequate coverage. If water damage is something that occurs in your home you would not want to risk being underinsured.

Clean-up, Remediation, and Restoration
As ugly and devastating as water damage can be, rest assured the experienced contractors can clean-up, remediate, and restore your home effectively and beautifully. With a little patience and the proper insurance levels you can enjoy having peace restored to your home in no time. Clean-up is the first step in the process and involves tearing out any damaged structures. Remediation comes second and usually takes longer than clean-up. It’s not uncommon to have containment structures set up in the impacted areas with fans blowing night and day until everything is completely dry. In the middle of a clean-up or remediation process you might think your home will never be the same again, but when restoration is complete you may be in wonder at how beautiful it has become.

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