Know The Difference Between Flood Damage And Water Damage

With water and flood damage, you care less about the difference between the two and more about the fact that there’s water in your home where it doesn’t belong. But you can be sure that your insurance company cares about the difference. If you want to get your home high and dry, I suggest that you learn the difference between water damage and flood damage so that you’ll know if you have the right kind of insurance.

Flood Damage

United Restoration and Construction wants you to realize that flood insurance isn’t included in your homeowner’s insurance policy. In the event that a nearby stream were to overflow and flood into your home or a substantial rain were to seep into your basement, you’d have to have a flood insurance policy in order to avoid having to pay for the cleanup and restoration yourself. If you don’t already have flood insurance, I’d suggest talking with your insurance company, an insurance agent or your local Federal Emergency Management Office (FEMA). You should also find out if you live in a flood plain. If you do, you’ll want to get flood insurance as soon as you can.

Water Damage

Water damage is any type of damage your home sustains before water comes in contact with the ground. Examples include hail smashing through your window, substantial rain penetrating your roof and causing leaks and a broken water pipe that sprays water into your home. I should also mention that any fires, thefts or explosions that result from water damage will be covered by your homeowner’s policy. An example of this is a nearby river spilling over its banks and into your home, forcing you to evacuate. If someone were to steal your belongings while you were gone from your home, the theft would be covered by your homeowner’s policy since it happened because of the water damage.

United Restoration and Construction recommends that you talk with your insurance agent as soon as possible to see what all you’re currently covered for in terms of water and flood damage and if there are any changes that need to be made.

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