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Mold Growth And Remediation - United Restoration and Construction

Mold Growth And Remediation

The existence of mold is a natural occurrence both indoors and out. When it reaches high levels of concentration inside a house, however, mold can become a problem. Mold can grow on just about any surface including wood, sheetrock, carpeting, and areas that are subject to excess moisture. Mold is a housed within the fungus category and produces spores which can be floating around in the air or resting permanently on a surface. Organic materials like fabric, animals, plants and wood can face the threat of decomposition when confronted with the likes of mold spores, and items that are in a state of decomposition have high concentrations of mold spores.

Areas Prone to Mold Infiltration

When the right environmental conditions exist mold can grow and reproduce with vehemence. Ideal conditions include a warm, dark, moist environment with plenty of organic materials to feed on. Moisture can be introduced into a home or building by plumbing leaks, flooding, and relative humidity levels. But there are also lifestyle issues that can contribute to moisture problems. High levels of moisture that can create ideal breeding grounds for mold can be caused by the following:

  • Problems with exterior drainage or flooding caused by rain water
  • Plumbing that overflows or that is routinely backed up
  • Unseen leaks in plumbing pipes that are behind walls and flooring structures
  • Plumbing leaks that are in and around counters, sinks, and appliances
  • Increased levels of indoor humidity that is caused by having too many house plants, having lots of individuals living in a small space, or having poorly ventilated rooms

Getting Mold Removal Help

Mold can be removed from living areas with the right equipment, tools, and careful remediation procedures. It’s something that the professionals at United Restoration and Construction specialize in. Special containment structures can be set up to prevent spores from travelling outside impacted areas while they are dried, and later sealed. Once remediation is complete a laboratory analysis of the mold spore levels in your home can be conducted. When spore levels are appropriate, restoration can begin.


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