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Mold In Your Home - United Restoration and Construction

Mold In Your Home

Mold, mildew, and fungus are common problems in both residential and commercial buildings. All three of these invasive pests flourish in similar environments. They like low light conditions, moisture, and cool temperatures. Left alone, they’ll quickly spread to cover nearly any surface. Wood, tile, carpet, soft furniture surfaces, and even books and cardboard boxes can give mold a foothold inside your home.

What Does Household Mold Look Like?
Most varieties of mold you’ll find in your house will appear leathery, rough, fuzzy, or cotton-like. It grows in round or irregular patches, sometimes with a larger central patch surrounded by smaller ones. Molds are usually colorful and easy to spot. We’ve seen black, brown, blue, orange, white, yellow, and rust-colored mold in the buildings we’ve worked on.

Is There Mold In My House Right Now?
There are three ways that a household may discover the presence of mold in their midst. In the first case, clear visual evidence alerts a homeowner. Basements, attics, sheds, and crawlspaces are areas that aren’t often disturbed so this is where mold is most likely to be spotted under normal circumstances. It’s often the case that mold is noticed by people who suffer from seasonal environmental allergies and hay fever. If a family member susceptible to seasonal allergies starts to experience symptoms out of season, this may indicate that mold is present somewhere in the house.

Testing For Mold
Mold can also be detected through testing. We’re often asked to test a building for mold after water damage has been sustained. Mold testing begins with establishing a baseline reading; equipment is used to determine the concentration of mold spores within an area. If unusual readings are detected, steps can be taken for removal and remediation. Afterwards another reading will be taken to track the decrease in spore concentration.
Many people ask for a mold inspection to be done before committing to buy a new piece of property.

Our team is known for mold testing and remediation; we’ve got all the equipment necessary to thoroughly check any building for mold. If you spot any unusual growths in your home or office building, give us a call. While most mold is harmless except to people with sensitive allergies, there are a few toxic varieties that should be addressed immediately.

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