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Recognizing And Preventing Water Damage - United Restoration and Construction

Recognizing And Preventing Water Damage

The water in our homes can do a lot of good but only so long as it’s kept in the right places. Once water begins to leak out of pipes or dibble out of faucets, the destructive power of water becomes very obvious. Knowing what parts of your home are the most likely sources of water damage will help you be on guard for any changes.

Common Sources of Water Damage
When the United Restoration team shows up at a home or commercial building experiencing water problems, the number one question we’re asked is “Where did all this water come from?” There are actually several answers.
One of the most common sources of residential water damage is household pipes and drains. Even metal pipes will experience a degree of wear and tear over time; vinyl and other plastic piping are even more susceptible to damage. Low temperatures cause the water in pipes to freeze; water expands when frozen and the pipes crack and burst as a result. Once the temperature rises, the water begins a slow leak from the damaged portions.

Seasonal storms are another frequent source of water damage. Summer rainstorms and melting runoff in spring often brings down high volumes of water in a short period of time, quickly overflowing storm drains and rain gutters. All that water pours into otherwise inaccessible spaces where it gradually accumulates. Attics, basements, garages, and covered porches all suffer as a result.

What You Can Do
Preventative maintenance is a great way to prevent the circumstances that lead to water damage. Seal cracks in your home’s foundation with a watertight compound and examine your rain gutters once a year. If you notice any damage, replace them as soon as possible. Make sure to clear out rain gutters, too. Clogged gutters cause water to back up and overflow into more vulnerable areas. Check the caulking around showers and bathtubs, especially those on the second floor. Cracked or missing caulking will allow small amounts of water to pass down through the hidden interior of your home, gradually setting on ceilings below.

Water damage can be recognized by cracking walls, peeling paint, and discolored spots on walls. If you notice any of these changes, just call us. United Restoration and Construction can take care of any job, big or small.

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