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Recognizing Mold In Your Home - United Restoration and Construction

Recognizing Mold In Your Home

The presence of mold and mildew are common problems in homes. Not only is mold unsightly, it can cause damage to your property and even impact your health. The United Restoration team has extensive experience with mold remediation and we can help you identify what sort of mold your home is up against. We’re happy to help you one-on-one over the phone or email or you can refer to this handy guide. Recognizing mold when you see it will help you decide what to do next.

Fuzzy, Smelly, Leathery, Scaly

Mold can usually be recognized by its dark, earthy colors, fuzzy or cottony surface, and damp musty smell. There are thousands of mold varieties, some toxic and some not. Mold likes moisture and so most readily grows in spaces near sinks, showers, toilets, drains, and pipes. The presence of mold near sinks may be an indication that there is some water present in a place you can’t see it; while mold is not an absolute indicator of the presence of water damage, it’s a pretty good sign that there’s a problem developing.

Mold comes in many colors – brown, blue, tan, green, orange, and yellow are all common shades. The texture may be dry or slimy, flakey or fluffy. If you’re going to take a closer look at any mold, wear a protective mask and latex or rubber gloves. Microscopic mold spores can irritate your nose and throat; until you’re certain that you’re not facing toxic mold, you should exercise caution. Even then, don’t spend more time around the moldy space than you need to.

Testing for Mold

When you’re considering buying a home, you should be sure to have it tested for mold. Mold can be flourishing inside the walls or in other hidden spaces; if the mold is of a toxic variety, it can make you sick. United Restoration does mold inspections for both commercial and residential properties. Our equipment allows detection of even trace amounts of mold; if mold spores are found to be above a certain level, action will need taken. Simply ask for a mold inspection before selecting a new house; you won’t ever have to worry about identifying mold if it isn’t there in the first place!

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