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The Effects Of Flood Damage - United Restoration and Construction

The Effects Of Flood Damage

Water can damage a home and cause some pretty serious problems. Whether those problems can be resolved by a person’s insurance company is not generally up for debate. Instead, long before water damage occurs, the insurance company and the homeowner enter into a binding agreement that releases the insurance company from liability against certain damage that affects a home. Damage from flooding, for instance, is not something that homeowners can get help with from their individual homeowner policies. Instead, a separate flood insurance policy has to be purchased through FEMA in order for homeowners to receive any assistance in cleaning up, remediating damage, and restoring property.

What Is a Flood?
Water that overflows and submerges dry land is a prime example of flooding. Land that is not naturally covered by water but at one point or another becomes submerged is experiencing a flood. Floods can be caused by a number of reasons including:

• Increased water volume in rivers and stream
• The breaking of dams or levees
• Water escaping other natural and man-made structures
• Increased rainwater in certain oversaturated areas

The Primary Effects of Flood Damage
Floods can claim lives, can cause injuries, and can damage property. Buildings, homes, and structural systems like roads, bridges, and sewers can be disrupted and damaged. In addition to the physical destruction that flooding can and does cause, infrastructure disruption also occurs. Power loss is common during flood conditions and can make it impossible for water to be properly treated at city levels before distribution occurs. Drinking water can become contaminated by human sewage and other debris floating around from the flood. In severe circumstances, flood damage can wipe out farmland and have a big impact on the availability of food.

Arming Yourself With Flood Insurance
One way to avoid the costly clean-up, remediation and restoration process yourself is to purchase a flood insurance policy through FEMA. Construction companies like United Restoration and Construction have the knowledge, tools, and equipment to help restore peace after the flood recedes. United Restoration and Construction can work directly with your insurance company to start the remediation process with expedience.

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