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The Flood Restoration Process - United Restoration and Construction

The Flood Restoration Process

Water damage can impact a home suddenly and without warning. Cleaning up the mess after the waters recede can take several weeks. Flood restoration has to begin as soon as possible in order to prevent secondary forms of flood damage from setting in. Here’s what you can expect during the restoration process.

Assessing the Damage
Before any repairs can be made the damage sustained by your home and property must be professionally assessed. The agents authorized to conduct this assessment are likely to vary depending on where you live, so you should contact your homeowner’s insurance company for advice. Even if you have not purchased insurance that specifically addresses flood damage, your existing policy may cover some of the cost of restoration.
The evaluations conducted will include damage done to your home’s structure, floor covering, landscaping, and possessions. If the damage is covered by insurance, you can choose to begin the claims process. This will give you money that can be put towards restoring your home and any items you’ve lost.

Beginning to Restore Your Home
Once you receive money from your claim you can select a contractor to begin restoration procedures. The United Restoration and Construction team have extensive experience restoring homes damaged by water and flood conditions and can get to work right away.
Ruined materials must first be removed from the work area; carpet, linoleum, wallpaper, and tiling will be pulled out and disposed of to give workers access to the structure beneath. Removing these materials will speed the drying process. Thoroughly drying the damaged area is necessary before any further work can take place. Dehumidifiers, fans, and other equipment will be used to accelerate drying.

Finishing the Job
Next the damaged structural components will receive attention. These will be repaired or replaced. Porous materials such as drywall will almost always need to be replaced due to their absorbent nature. Water enters these materials and soaks deep beneath the surface, leaving behind grit and mold behind as moisture evaporates. Replacing these materials prevents the development of secondary problems.

Once new materials have been put into place, the cosmetic finishes can be added. New carpet and paint will make the damaged space match the room around it. Pretty soon, your home will feel like new again.

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