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The Most Common Sources Of Water Damage - United Restoration and Construction

The Most Common Sources Of Water Damage

Water is an ever-present material which can make keeping it in the right place a big challenge. When someone discovers that water has gotten into a place where it’s not supposed to be, they’re quick to give us a call. Once the United Restoration team arrives, the question we’re asked first is, “Where did this water come from?” The answer just might surprise you.

Where Water Damage Begins
In urban areas, water enters a building through pipes connected to the municipal water supply and then exits via a municipal waste water line. Since a home’s water system moves in two directions, there’s actually quite a bit of motion in your pipes. Any one of those pipes may start to leak as a result of cracking, breaking, pulling apart, or some other form of damage. Even small problems with pipe integrity will allow for seepage – the slow, gradual leaking of water. This moisture eventually collects inside walls, above ceilings, and in other hard-to-reach places.

Water can also enter a house in other ways. Rainfall is typically funneled off a house via a series of rain gutters; these gutters prevent rainwater from settling on the roof or eaves of a home. If water was allowed to remain, the weight would eventually compromise the strength of the roof. When gutters and drainpipes aren’t clean or maintained, water can back up and collect on the structure. Standing water, even in small amounts, greatly accelerates the growth of moss, mold, and mildew which further compromise the roof.

Water can also creep in through the ground. While this form of water damage is unusual, we’ll get a few calls regarding this form of water damage each year. Heavy rainfall or runoff can saturate the ground and cause moisture to leak into basements and crawlspaces through unrepaired cracks.

How the Damage is Addressed
Once we’ve identified where the water is coming from we can develop a plan to fix it. Pipes or fixtures may need replaced and the surrounding damage repaired. The United Restoration team has extensive experience mold remediation and can repair the secondary damaged caused by its spread. We’re also experienced with the general construction repairs necessary to keep the water from coming back.

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