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Understanding The Dangers Of Mold - United Restoration and Construction

Understanding The Dangers Of Mold

Any time your home sustains significant water damage, you run the risk of creating an environment that is perfect for the growth of mold and mildew. Even in the smallest quantities, these substances can be harmful not only to your home, but also to the health of your family and anyone else who enters the home. After a flood or situation that allows excess water into your home, we provide inspection, containment, and removal services for all harmful mold substances that may be in your home in order to minimize the health risks to your family.

Wide Range Of Effects

In some individuals mold may have no effect, while in others the damage may be severe. Mold creates a wide range of effects depending on the individual and his or her particular health history. For those who are sensitive to molds, complications include nasal stuffiness, irritation of the throat, wheezing or coughing, and irritation of the eyes or skin. Those with an allergy to mold may have even more serious complications from mold growth in the home.

Individuals with compromised immune systems are even more at risk from mold exposure. Serious lung infections may develop in those with chronic lung illnesses after prolonged exposure to mold.

Mold growth has also been determined to cause infections of the upper respiratory tract, wheezing, and coughing in individuals who are otherwise healthy. Those who deal with the symptoms of asthma may find these complications exacerbated when mold spores are found in the home.

Mold And The Home

Mold can be found both inside and outside your home. It can enter your home through windows, vents, doorways, and HVAC systems. Mold grows best in areas with excess moisture. You can control mold in your home by lowering humidity levels and ensuring that any water damage is handled appropriately in a timely manner. We offer complete services for mold remediation in homes that have been damaged by excess water. With years of experience and a personal touch, we guarantee your home is safe from this harmful substance that can grow and destroy quickly.

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