Understanding What Type Of Water Damage Your Insurance Policy Covers

It is every homeowner’s worst nightmare to find that their home has been extensively damaged by water. In a situation like this you would ideally know what type of water damage is covered in your homeowner’s insurance policy, but the fact of the matter is that most homeowners don’t even think about their flood insurance until they are dealing with the miserable effects of flooding. Here at United Restoration & Construction, we recommend that you find out what type of water damage is covered by your insurance policy before you are faced with a water damage crisis.

Sudden Water Damage Coverage
Most homeowner insurance policies do cover very specific types of water damage, including sudden water damage. However, this type of coverage can be very limited and difficult for most homeowners to understand. The name of the coverage can be quite deceiving because it causes homeowners to assume that any sort of sudden water damage will be covered by their insurance policy. However, most policies limit sudden water damage coverage to situations that can be classified as a sudden and accidental discharge of water.

So, if one of your kids used the bathroom before heading to school and didn’t realize that the toilet handle got stuck in the down position, the resulting water damage would be considered accidental and should be covered by your policy. However, a flood from a major storm would not be considered accidental and therefore wouldn’t be covered by your sudden water damage policy. It is also unlikely that a leaking pipe would be covered under a sudden water damage policy because although it would cause a sudden discharge of water, it wouldn’t be considered “accidental”.

Understanding Your Coverage
United Restoration & Construction recommends that you talk to your insurance company at your earliest convenience to find out exactly what type of water damage is covered under your current policy. Even if your policy covers less than you expected, you can always depend on us to give you reliable water damage restoration services, no matter what type of flooding or water damage you are dealing with. We can also bill escrow directly so that you can focus less on stressful payment issues and focus more on restoring your home to its previous condition.

When you want the best water damage restoration and mold remediation services in your area, give United Restoration & Construction a call.

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