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Water damage in Anaheim-The Health Dangers Of Mold In Your Home - United Restoration and Construction

Water damage in Anaheim-The Health Dangers Of Mold In Your Home

As a benefit to both the consumer who deals with mold in their home as a result of water damage, and those working in the mold industry, many states have developed a Standard of Care while working with the American Lung Association to improve the quality of air that all Americans breathe.  This standard was developed as a way to create certification programs and ethics requirements for anyone who hopes to operate a business within the mold industry for water damage in Anaheim.  This is to both protect the consumer who hires a mold professional to deal with a problem within their home, and provide credibility for any mold professionals with the correct qualifications and experience.

Can Mold Affect Your Health?

Both the lack of regulation within the industry and the argument over whether or not mold is unhealthy for those living in the home are problems that have turned this Standard of Care into a controversial situation.  There are times where one individual within a home will have a severe reaction to mold, while another individual may not notice a change.  Because of this fact, it is difficult to create a direct link between the presence of mold and illness within those living in the home.  Often, a consultant will see negative effects from the mold within a home, but is not qualified to claim that an illness is being created by the mold.  While a doctor can examine your illness, doctors are not qualified in matters of indoor air quality, and may be hesitant to claim that mold is responsible for illness.  It’s easy to see how there is not one professional field that is highly qualified to examine the link between mold and illness, and this is why the Standard of Care was developed.

Even without the professional standards in place to determine a direct link between exposure to mold and your health, there are several compelling pieces of research that suggest a Standard of Care within the mold industry is necessary.

World Health Organization

The WHO has determined that there is sufficient evidence of an association between mold and the following health problems:



◾Exacerbation of asthma

◾Infections of the upper respiratory tract

Expert Books

In a study that was published in a book by experts in the field, 37 cases were examined, and the results were some of the most shocking that have been found to date regarding the problem of mold and its effect on the health of humans.

Of 30 infant subjects, the following effects were found:

◾Half required blood transfusion

◾81% were placed on a ventilator to breathe

◾11% were diagnosed with failure to thrive

◾88% had respiratory distress that required care from the ICU

Each of these infants had been exposed to toxic mold, and suffered severe negative health effects from the exposure.

How We Can Help

Here at United Restoration, we offer mold remediation services that guarantee your home will be safe after water damage in Anaheim, and your family will be breathing in clean air.  Whether those in your home are perfectly healthy, or suffer from breathing illnesses, we can provide you with the best service for ridding your home of mold completely.  If you’d like to read more on the Standard of Care for those within the mold industry, visit this link.

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