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Water damage in Buena Park - United Restoration and Construction

Water damage in Buena Park

The Benefits Of Licenses And Certifications
Within an industry, there are often standards set up to determine how qualified a professional is at doing a specific job, and the industry for cleaning up water damage is no different.  Without the right guidelines for licenses and credentials, it can often be confusing to know who you should trust, and who is actually qualified.  Without guidelines, the experience and knowledge of the company can also be diluted, as it may be easy to obtain the right accreditation.  The following information is intended to inform you of the differences between various types of credentials, and what the benefits are to you as a consumer.

State governments set up licenses as a protection to the consumer against incompetence or misconduct of professionals within the field.  It is not a right for an individual to have a license, but rather a privilege that must be earned.  In order for a company or individual to obtain a license, they must first demonstrate competence in certain areas.

Licenses are typically given out by professional boards that are appointed by governments.  Depending on the field, there may be a requirement for an educational degree or a period of experience to ensure the individual has the experience necessary to be qualified in an area.  Once these steps are completed, the licensing board may require a written examination.

Licenses must be renewed regularly, and are only issued for a certain amount of time.  License are also only good within the state they were issued, and a new one must be obtained any time the individual moves to another state.

Certifications are often set up as a way for a company or individual to gain the edge over the competition.  These are not required by law, and are usually give out by not for profit organizations.  When an individual obtains a certification, they have demonstrated their ability to perform certain tasks within a subject field, and also have enough experience to be considered highly qualified.

Within the world of certifications, you may come across some that are accredited, and some that are not.  In order to be accredited, the certification must have been analyzed and approved by one of three certification accreditation bodies.  These bodies operate exclusively to ensure that certification programs are operated in a way that is consistent with recognized credentialing practices.

The Difference Between Licenses And Certifications
In order for a business or individual to offer services to the public, they must have the proper licenses from the government.  Certifications do not make a business able to provide services to the public, but can provide consumers with an idea of who the best choice is for the job.  It is fairly safe to assume that a license is proof that an individual understands a wide body of knowledge, while certifications are often given specific to a certain area within that body of knowledge.

Our Licenses And Certifications
Here at URSoCal, we are fully licensed to provide for your needs for water damage.  Each of our technicians is licensed and fully trained in water damage, and have also obtained many certifications to prove we are the best in the business.  For more information on what the various licenses and certifications of our company mean, visit this link.

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