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We Can Take Care Of Your Moldy Mess - United Restoration and Construction

We Can Take Care Of Your Moldy Mess

What do you do if you have found water damage at your home or other location? Whether it’s from a leak in your pipes, a flood, or a backed up sewer system, water damage can be a huge headache to clean up. Even worse, if the water has been there for any lengthy amount of time, then there’s a good chance you have mold on your hands. Mold can cause all kinds of problems, including health issues for you and your family members. However, all is not lost. At United Restoration & Construction, we make sure that your mold issues get taken care of properly.

We Get Rid Of The Mold
First, we will determine what type of mold is present in your home, office or other location. Then, we need to determine how much mold is present. If the mold is simply on furnishings or boxes other similar items, then they just need to be safely removed from the location. If the mold is on a hard surface, but does not cover more than 10 square feet, then washing the area with soapy water is also necessary. If your mold has spread out over a larger area, then that’s when you really need to call in the professionals. Contacting someone who has experience doing this type of work, like United Restoration & Construction is your best bet.

We Repair The Damage
After we’ve taken every necessary step to kill the mold and prevent it from returning, we here at United Restoration & Construction have the expertise to make any necessary repairs. When water damage occurs, many times wood and sheet rock can be the victims of that damage. Our experienced staff will tailor our work to your needs for any kind of general construction repairs you may need. We can help with demolishing, repairing and installing. We also offer services in electrical, plumbing and environmental remediation, among other things. If you need to get rid of mold or general construction repair, it’s safe to say that United Restoration & Construction has you covered.

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