What Should You Do When Faced With Water Damage In Your Home?

Water damage can happen to your home gradually or it can come on suddenly and with a vengeance. In either case, you are left with the sudden responsibility of figuring out what steps need to be taken to get your home back to its pre-flooded condition and reduce your risk of further damage. Based on previous flooding experiences in my own home, I know how important it is to act immediately, because time is not on your side when it comes to the effects of water damage in your home.

Here are the first things that United Restoration & Construction recommends you do when you notice signs of water damage.

Step 1: Stop The Source Of Water
If the source of the water is easy to identify, such as a leaking pipe or a backed up toilet, do everything you can to stop the flow of water from the source so that you can minimize the water damage to your home. If you panic and allow the water to continue flowing from its source then you will have a much bigger water restoration project to deal with.

Step 2: Get In Touch With Your Insurance Company
As soon as you can, notify your insurance company of the event and make sure that you have the coverage you need to cover the particular type of water damage that you are dealing with.

Step 3: Call United Restoration & Construction
It is important that you rely on professionals to repair your home to its pre-flooded state, and you can trust United Restoration & Construction with all of your water damage restoration needs. We are a family-owned business that has plenty of water damage repair experience and we are certified by both IICRC.org and ACAC.org. We take our job seriously and will do everything in our power to repair the water damage in your home and keep mold growth from occurring.

Whether you are dealing with minimal or extensive water damage, give United Restoration & Construction a call and we can make your home look like new again.

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