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Fullerton Restoration Service - United Restoration and Construction

Fullerton Restoration Service

Water and mold damage is a most unwelcome guest in your home or business, no matter if it’s a small puddle that has soaked through a section of your carpet or a thorough deluge that leaves an inch of standing water where your living room used to be. While your insurance company might be dragging their feet when it comes to handling your claim, you need to act fast in order to keep your property from sustaining anymore damage from unsightly and pungent mold. United Restoration and Construction is one of the leading experts when it comes to water and mold remediation in Fullerton. Call them up the moment you notice that you have a moisture situation or anything that smells like mold.

Mold Removal Fullerton, CA

Special care needs to be taken whenever you’re dealing with mold. While a small amount might not seem too dangerous, what you really have to worry about are the thousands of millions of spores that you can’t see without a microscope. Mold has been known to irritate your allergies and cause a variety of other health complications to anyone who breathes it in, such as itching, the appearance of rashes, fever and a running nose. United Restoration and Construction employs licensed and professional experts who utilize special equipment and tools to contain the spread of the spores, get rid of them and keep them from coming back while restoration is underway. Not only will they get rid of any mold on your property, they’ll also restore your walls, floors and carpeting as well.

Fullerton Water Cleanup

Large pools of water belong outside, not in your home or business. United Restoration and Construction specializes in water restoration in Fullerton and aids their customers in getting rid of unsightly stains and lingering moisture that can have detrimental long term effects to any material that it remains on. The longer water soaks into your belongings and property, the more damage it causes and the more money you have to spend to replace any damage that has been done. United Restoration and Construction has been recognized as a leader in structural damage recovery, so you can be sure that they’ll have your property looking as good as new, maybe even better looking than it was before. Since major catastrophes don’t tend to work on a set schedule, United Restoration and Construction is standing by waiting to offer their services at any time, no matter how early in the day or late at night.

Mold Removal and Testing in Fullerton

Call a well-trained professional at United Restoration and Construction if you even suspect that you have a mold infestation. One phone call could potentially save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary medical bills and the costs associated with reversing extensive damage caused by mold. United Restoration and Construction offers testing and mold removal in Fullerton. With more than a century’s worth of experience, they can restore your property, walls, wood and floors as well.

For water and mold restoration in the Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Newport Beach and Irvine area, be sure to get in touch with United Restoration and Construction as soon as possible to get back to your home, business or any other type of property. This is one instance where you’ll be glad to be left high and dry.

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