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Garden Grove Restoration Services - United Restoration and Construction

Garden Grove Restoration Services

If you’ve recently experienced a major catastrophe on your property that requires restoration and recovery, then you should call the experts at United Restoration and Construction as soon as possible before your home or business sustains any permanent damage that will only cost you more in the long run to repair. Disaster goes hand-in-hand with water and mold damage, so make sure that you have the upper hand by working with restoration and construction industry experts like those employed at United Restoration and Construction. They’ll have your property back in good shape and will remove all water and mold from your floors, carpets and walls.

Garden Grove Mold Testing and Removal

Along with water restoration and mold remediation, United Restoration and Construction also offers testing and mold removal in Garden Grove as well as the Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, Irvine and Newport Beach areas. Their well-trained employees have the experience, tools and equipment necessary to get the interior of your property back to normal. One of the reasons that United Restoration and Construction has managed to maintain their great reputation is because they treat each and every job as if it were their own personal loss. They’ve seen enough water and mold damaged properties to tell how frustrating it is to have your life or business suddenly uprooted.

Water Restoration Garden Grove

A burst pipe, backed up sewer line or flooding can turn your home into a swimming pool infested with pungent mold, unsightly stains and unwanted moisture. United Restoration and Construction has more than a century of combined experience to handle any catastrophe or situation related to water restoration in Garden Grove. They can also take care of wood damage restoration, water damage restoration, flood damage repair and property restoration as well. It’s important that you quickly take care of any water damage that your property sustains, even if it isn’t covered by your insurance company. In the end it might be more expensive if you wait for your insurance company since they might not respond within enough time to avoid any permanent damage your business, home or property might sustain. Imagine having to pay for water restoration and however much it costs to get new floors, walls, belongings and carpeting because they were all exposed to water damage for a prolonged period of time. Prevention is always easier than a solution.

Garden Grove Mold Remediation

Even after the water has dried from property it can still leave behind dangerous mold. A mold infestation can lead to agitated allergies, skin irritation, fever, a runny nose and several other health complications. United Restoration and Construction wants to help keep you from spending money on medical bills and to keep you from being uncomfortable in general. Mold is nothing to play around with because you might not even be able to see it since the millions of spores that can spread from an infestation are microscopic. If you can see mold stains, then you can guarantee that it’s also spreading throughout your house with each passing second.
The professionals at United Restoration and Construction are available 24/7 in order to help you get rid of your water and mold problems as quickly as possible. Give them a call the next time you have a lake in the middle of your living room or an outbreak of mold.

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