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Mold Remediation Laguna Beach

How United Restoration handles Mold Remediation (Laguna Beach, CA)

We all know Laguna Beach is the town with unique art, music and culture but not many of us are aware of the mold that may be involved inside some buildings and structures.  We’re happy to say we’ve made quite a few friends over the years with over 50 mold remediation projects completed.  Taking pride in remediating mold the right way while safe guarding our clients high end contents and furniture during the process is our goal.  Our ability to restore fine art and other priceless or intangible items is often tested in Laguna Beach.  Some of our past clients include a famous author, fashion designer and even sports player in Three Arch Bay.   Home owner liability is often of high concern.  We carry the highest level of mold pollution coverage and workers compensation insurance.  More importantly we are certified and highly knowledgeable in coming up with the right solution and method for mold remediation in Laguna Beach and surrounding areas.  Some of our clients prefer for us to deal with their insurance company or deal directly with us.  We are flexible and encourage open lines of communication with all parties that are involved in each project.

Mold Detection:  What’s involved and What You Can Expect:

Whether you’re on ocean front property or up on the hills, Mold Testing is often the first step.  You can e-mail us your mold report or allow us to come out and inspect for mold for you.  Common areas where plumbing is found is a great place to start.  Mold needs moisture to grow.  If the moisture is not found usually our sense of smell is used to locate odors.  Sometimes we can visually see where mold is growing.  If we are unable to locate where a slow leak is coming from by moisture sensing then we often result to air testing.  Once an inspection is complete you should expect laboratory results and mold findings to be sent to you via e-mail within 1-2 business days.   At that time an estimate can be created for proper mold remediation in any building or home mold remediation in Laguna Beach.

Why United Restoration for Mold Remediation (Laguna Beach, CA)

One of the most important philosophies of dealing with occupants during mold remediation projects in Laguna Beach is to work as if we owned the property ourselves. We take value in being educated as we attempt each and every day to think like the homeowner by taking precautions for the safety of individuals and the precious contents and belongings of the homeowner.  We are experts in removing mold from salvageable items and safely disposing of unsalvageable items quickly and efficiently to bring our customers home or business back to fresh and functional.  We are your source for fair, accurate and reliable service in Laguna Beach for your mold remediation circumstance.  We would like to learn more about your concerns and project so please feel free to give us a call or drop us a line so that we can better assist you and meet your expectations.

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