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Mold Removal Irvine

How United Restoration Handles Mold Removal (Irvine, CA)

Over recent years the awareness of mold and how it relates to our health has been increasing.  Proper mold removal is  essential to maintaining a clean indoor environment for the building occupants.  Often the microbial growth can be detected by odor.  When removing the mold many variables come into play.  If the mold is not properly removed it will remain active creating the ecology it requires to thrive.  United Restoration & Construction has excelled these recent years in becoming a lead provider of mold removal in Irvine, CA.  Our ability we have to contain the mold during demolition projects and to sterilize the wood accomplishes the removal.  Often the containment of the mold during the removal process can be the most labor intensive aspect.  But removal of the mold colonies while controlling air flow differentials in a room or space allows us to exceed outdoor air quality through technology and science on our side.

Mold Testing:  What’s involved and what you can expect?

Mold inspections are often called upon by concerned home owners, property managers, building supervisors and  angry tenants.  Most of the time the initial mold test is to either verify the mold and/or locate it in order to come up with a solution on how to properly remove it if it is found.  Once the mold has been removed and the clearance assessment has been obtained, United Restoration leaves your property clean and begins with the removal of equipment that was needed to clean the air and create a negative pressurized environment.  There are always mold spores in the air. They are microscopic but we just need to bring the levels to better than outdoor levels and readings.  We recently had a project at the Irvine Spectrum testing for mold.  We determined they did not have a mold issue but found the source to their odor issue inside their retail outfit.

Why United Restoration & Construction for removing the mold?

The health and safety of occupants and workers is of top concern while dealing with mold.  With over 150 mold remediation projects completed since 2007 in Irvine and throughout the County of Orange, we realize that no two projects are identical as they are each unique.  Our clients have appreciated peace of mind when they have always had access to a project decision maker at the time of need and all hours of the day.  Not only do we remove the mold safely and effectively, we treat it as needed to prevent future growth years down the road.   One of the greatest advantages is the ability to repair any drywall or cabinetry or flooring that had been removed during the removal process.  One of our largest clients is the Irvine Company in which we have been contracted to provide water damage and mold removal construction for them at the Irvine Spectrum.

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