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Seal Beach Restoration Services - United Restoration and Construction

Seal Beach Restoration Services


Seal Beach Water Damage Restoration Services

Seal Beach residents deserve to live in a safe and comfortable home and United Restoration and Construction helps deliver this. We specialize in all the restoration and recovery services necessary to help a family recover from water damage in their home. Our highly skilled crew goes to work quickly to return your home to its original condition as soon as possible.

Water Damage Restoration Seal Beach, CA

When water from inside or outside of your home gets into spaces where it doesn’t belong. This can be as straightforward as a leaky pipe or as complicated as a flooded basement.

Damage to the walls, ceiling, or floor must be first addressed at the source. When you call United Restoration and Construction for an inspection of supposed water damage, we’ll get to work right away. A crew member will first examine the site to discern any evidence of water. From there they’ll track where the water is coming from. These slow leaks usually come from interior water pipes such as those leading to sinks and showers.

Water damage restoration in Seal Beach begins with identifying the faulty pipes and plumbing fixtures. New parts will be provided and promptly installed. From there, it might be necessary to remove the damaged portions of the wall or floor. This might include the removal of wallpaper or carpet. Thanks to prompt action on the part of the homeowner and the United Restoration and Construction team, more advanced forms of damage can be avoided.

Mold Remediation Seal Beach

Mold is a serious problem for any homeowner. Even apparently small, insignificant patches of mold can turn into serious problems. Mold can be toxic and harmful to human and animal health; even non-toxic mold is likely to seriously aggravate allergies and hay fever. United Restoration and Construction are experts in testing and mold remediation in Seal Beach and are ready to bring our skills to you.
Mold and mildew begins to grow in the presence of water, which means that mold is a secondary form of water damage. Even after the water has been cleared away and everything appears normal again, populations of mold may have become established underneath carpets and behind drywall.

The presence of mold has to be detected by sensitive equipment. Once the mold has been located the technician will isolate the area to prevent additional spreading. Members of the United Restoration and Construction team have the skills and equipment necessary for expert mold remediation in Seal Beach. Not only will we address any current mold problem, we’ll help prevent future outbreaks.

Mold Removal Seal Beach

The presence of mold can be a serious problem in any house or commercial building. It requires prompt action on the part of an experienced team of mold removal agents. Mold treatment begins with identification. Not all mold looks the same and thus may need to be treated in a different manner. Once an identification has been made, the treatment team will go to work. Soon your home will be as good as new, free from mold and all the problems it can cause.

United Restoration and Construction has extensive experience treating for mold. We work carefully and thoroughly to prevent cross-contamination between different parts of the building and will do what’s necessary to prevent any future occurrences of mold in your home.

We are also proud to offer top-notch restoration services to Orange County including:

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