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Tustin Restoration Services


Repairing Water Damage In The Tustin Area

Damage caused by water is an unfortunately common occurrence in the Tustin area. Every year hundreds of families are impacted by the primary and secondary forms of water damage. All homeowners should know that prompt action in the face of water damage will help bring about the most satisfactory outcome. If disaster ever strikes, keep in mind that you’re not alone. The helpful crew at United Restoration and Construction has extensive experience with water damage restoration in Tustin and surrounding areas. We have years of experience bringing water damaged residential and commercial spaces back to their original condition.

Water Damage Restoration

The presence of water can result in numerous problems. In its mildest form, water damage causes unsightly wet patches on walls and floors; paint will begin to discolor, crack, and peel leaving behind bare spots on the wall. Soft household surfaces, carpets in particular, will become soggy and unusable. These soft surfaces are likely to grow mold and start to smell. In more advanced forms of water damage, the structure of your home begins to suffer. A roof weighed down by water will fall, porch wood rotted away will finally collapse, and drywall will start to crumble.

Restoring the damage done by the presence of water can be a big job – just the kind of job that the experienced team at United Restoration and Construction is equipped to handle. If you suspect that any part of your home or business is being damaged by water, give us a call. We can be reached twenty-four hours a day so you don’t have to wait for a response.

Testing for Mold Tustin, CA

United Restoration and Construction is a full service general contractor, which means that we are often called on for professional mold testing and mold removal in Tustin. Mold testing is an important form of preventative home maintenance. Periodic testing will alert you to any changing circumstances inside your home and give you the chance to take action in the early stages of mold infestation.
Mold testing begins with establishing a baseline reading. This information helps technicians determine the effectiveness of remediation procedures and track the decreases in mold spore count. This initial test is important because it allows technicians to analyze the effectiveness of the work being done.

Mold testing doesn’t take long and can give you a lot of valuable information. To learn more about how mold testing can help you, just give us a call.

Mold Remediation Tustin

If mold testing reveals an abnormally high spore count, remediation will need to begin. While mold testing identifies spore levels and can reveal where a mold colony has become established, remediation involves the process of removal and remodeling.
Remediation technicians will first contain the mold to prevent its spread. Once this is done, they will begin eradication procedures. Powerful cleaners will be applied and dehumidifiers installed. Removing the ambient moisture from a space will arrest the mold’s ability to grow; it will begin to shrivel and become easier to remove. Increasing air circulation and exposing the area to sunlight will speed the remediation process.

Once the mold has been removed, the surfaces the colony grew on will likely need replaced. An important part of mold remediation in Tustin is the repair of material damaged during the infestation. This remodeling removes all trace of the presence of mold and lets you feel comfortable in your house once again.

We are also proud to offer top-notch restoration services to Orange County including:

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