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Villa Park Restoration Services - United Restoration and Construction

Villa Park Restoration Services


Water and Fire Damage Restoration Villa Park, CA

Water damage comes in many forms, none of them pleasant. Getting your home back to normal after a disaster can be a monumental effort. You can put your worries to rest by calling the experienced team of United Restoration and Construction, the Villa Park area experts in restoration and remediation services. We’re a full-service contracting agency that is fully licensed and bonded; we specialize in repairing the damage done by water, including secondary forms of damage such as mold. We’ll work hard to make your home comfortable again.

Water Damage Restoration Villa Park

The presence of even small amounts of water can have devastating effects on your home or business. Given time, small trickles of water can destroy wood, drywall, carpeting, linoleum flooring, wallpaper, and paint. Prompt action is required if you ever spot any indication of creeping water damage.

United Restoration and Construction is also experienced with doing the restoration required by basement flooding, seasonal roof damage, and storm waters. Each one of these situations requires a unique response and our team is ready to help twenty-four hours a day. We have all the tools and equipment required to repair direct and secondary forms of water damage and afterward to address any aesthetic concerns. The water damage restoration in Villa Park done by our skilled team will have your home looking like new.
Water damage restoration can include the removal of damaged materials and the installation of new ones. Drywall in particular is vulnerable to water damage; its porous structure can allow for the growth of mold and mildew. Fortunately, the United Restoration and Construction team has extensive experience replacing this material and can complete the process promptly and without hassle. We’re ready to go to work for you.

Mold Testing in Villa Park

Mold is one of the most serious consequences of water damage. However, most people don’t realize that mold can be even more difficult to manage than the water was. Water damage can usually be detected if you know what signs to watch for; mold can spread for weeks or even months before its presence is noticed. After you’ve experienced water damage in your home or business, talk with the United Restoration and Construction team about mold testing and mold removal in Villa Park. Only then can you be certain that your home is free from this invasive pest.

Villa Park Mold Remediation Services

The United Restoration and Construction team is known for prompt and thorough mold remediation in Villa Park. We’re often called on to remove large and small patches of mold from homes and businesses. Mold can seriously aggravate allergies and will spread quickly if left untreated.

Treatment begins with the removal of the mold through cleaners and other anti-mold products. We take steps to dehumidify the infested area in order to speed the remediation process. The area should also be ventilated and exposed to direct sunlight as much as possible. Through a combination of hard work and professional products, our team will have the mold in your home destroyed in no time.

As a final step, any damaged materials must be removed. Even though the mold itself may be eradicated, the damage that it can cause to surfaces, especially porous ones, may result in lasting structural defects. Replacing damaged materials with new ones is the final step required to make your home as good as new.

We are also proud to offer top-notch restoration services to Orange County including:

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