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Water Damage Restoration Newport Beach, CA | Flood Water Cleanup Services - UnitedRestorationOC

Water Damage Restoration Newport Beach

How United Restoration Handles Water Damage Restoration (Newport Beach, CA)




Every project we’ve dealt with in the beautiful city of Newport Beach is conducted with great pride and honor claims Andre Abajian.  “I was born in Newport Beach at Hoag Hospital and have had roots here since.”  We’ve made a lot of friends over the years and have brought them from a disaster to better than pre-loss conditions in a timely fashion.    The need for an independent water damage restoration company in the city of Newport Beach has been increasing in the recent years due to the growth of high affluent property owners and tenants with demand for dependable workmanship at a reasonable price.   Over a dozen projects have been completed in the past decade on beautiful Lido Island and the historic Balboa Peninsula area.

Water Damage Testing:   What’s Involved and What You Can Expect.  

There is only one solution for every water damage situation, THE RIGHT ONE!  We follow the industry guidelines and standards put together by the Institute of inspection, Cleaning and Restoration compiled and approved by ANSI.  Locating the source of the moisture and determining the best method to stop it is essential.  Water damage testing in Newport Beach involves properly locating where water and moisture migrated inside the walls, cabinetry and carpet flooring with invasive or non-invasive moisture meter tools.  Infrared thermal imaging cameras are often used on larger commercial projects or at places of worship such as a church that has high ceilings.  This technology uses heat and imaging to locate wet walls, carpet, and flooring.  Once the scope of work has been identified mitigation tasks should begin immediately to avoid additional water damage, restoration requirements and damages.

Why United Restoration for Water Damage Restoration?

Life is all about change these days.  Technology has been a big part of it.  Our technicians, staff and clients take pride in knowing we have the latest equipment for testing and removing mold as well as the ability to repair as a general contractor.  Not only do we have the experience in dealing with several parties during a more complex project, we simply provide our customers with open lines of communication with our staff 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  We often reply to e-mails immediately or within the hour and our phones are always on.  Service such as this allows clients to make changes to flooring or paint colors for a bedroom or kitchen.  Often homeowners will take advantage of our general contractor abilities and remodel the entire home when just a few rooms were affected by water damage from a leaky pipe.  Give us a call and retain us today.  Please feel free to ask us for a list of Newport Beach Water Damage Restoration references that are happily available upon your request!

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