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Our Emergency Board Up Orange County Services Helps You Recover

Board Up Orange County

Be prepared to recover quickly when disaster strikes your property or a long absence is necessitated from your home or business. Prompt action will help you minimize restoration time and reduce your inconvenience. United Restoration and Construction can effectively and efficiently take care of your home and property while preventing many kinds of subsequent damages that might arise from unauthorized access and exposure to the elements.

Our skilled and experienced team of technicians has a commitment to service that is exemplary among companies that do board ups.
Our services include board-ups, board up house and peripheral buildings, board up company services and overall board-ups protection. Comprehensive water damage services include restoration and mold and water mitigation. Prompt and thorough action will minimize damage and restore your structure to pre flooding conditions where applicable.

Our crew responds to service calls promptly and is on call 24/7. We identify the problems and work diligently to solve them. Always affordable, we make it easy for you to reach us when you need help. 24 hour emergency board up service can’t stop trouble, but it can help you minimize the damage.

Top Board Up Services in Orange County

Our board up company services are available round the clock, with 24 hour board up service available 7 days a week. Not only do we protect your structure from the elements, but we also protect it from unauthorized intruders who may cause even further harm.

Our professionals are trained in this process. Their workmanship is impeccable, and board materials and fasteners used are high quality, designed for easy removal. Other companies provide board up services, but you’ll appreciate the difference when you notice our attention to detail.


Emergency Board Up Services for Disasters

When catastrophe occurs you are likely to seek emergency board up service. These events happen on their schedule and not on yours. That’s why we provide emergency board up services. Our 24 hour board up service is prepared to report on short notice and can often save you from incurring additional damage.

Emergency Board Up may be necessary when you have a mold condition, water damage, vandalism or fire damage. Other emergency board up service we provide is:

  • Board Up House
  • Fire Board Up
  • Emergency Board Up Services

Our Window Board Up Services for your Home

Request board up windows service anytime you have a minor problem, such as a broken window you can’t secure. In a property with intact windows, you may want to board up windows and doors in a home that is vacant or abandoned to discourage illegal entry. Board up broken window service also protects people from being harmed.

When you choose window board up service, you may also save yourself from liability. Your board up window will protect the property from uninvited intruders, thus saving you from further headaches.

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