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Mold Remediation Orange County, CA | Mold Cleanup & Inspections - UnitedRestorationOC

Mold Remediation Orange County

Mold in your home or business is more than just an aesthetic problem. It is a serious health risk, and that is why you need mold and mildew remediation immediately. Mold removal and remediation requires the right tools and industry techniques, because mold grows from microscopic spores that are difficult to kill. When you find mold, you want to partner with a mold remediation specialist who understands the most effective techniques to contain and treat toxic mold.

Emergency Mold Damage Services

Helpful Mold Information


United Restoration & Construction is a team of certified professionals who have been trained on the best techniques for the remediation of mold. Let us return your property to a pre-mold condition through the help of our effective toxic mold remediation techniques.

Difference Between OC Mold Remediation Companies

We offer certified mold remediation to ensure that your home is properly protected. When you call our mold remediation company, we will send a certified mold remediator to your home quickly with all of the tools necessary to do the job well. We don’t just treat the visible mold. Our mold remediation service gets to the root of the problem, the spores, to prevent it from coming back.

Before you hire a mold remediator from one of the local Orange County mold remediation services, find out what measures they take to prevent cross contamination. Remember that the visible mold you see in your home has millions of invisible toxic spores. Our certified mold experts will take the necessary precautions using the latest tools to prevent this problem.

Quality Home Mold Remediation Services

Those toxic mold spores can create a serious health risk for your family, which is why household mold remediation is something we at United Restoration & Construction take very seriously. We are the area experts in residential mold remediation, and will do everything we can to ensure that your family is safe. Contact us today to help you with your house mold remediation needs.

Mold Infestation in your OC Home

If you are dealing with a mold infestation or mold contamination, don’t attempt to treat it on your own. Treating mold is a job best left to the professionals with the right education and the right tools to do it well. Contact United Restoration & Construction today for professional mold help from certified experts.

Mold Remediation Process:

    1. Typically first step is to hire a certified mold inspector to insure you do infact have a mold issue. You can check who is certified by going to the iicrc.org website or acac.org. If it is obvious there is a visual mold issue sometimes that first step can be skipped to save on costs.


    1. Second step is to hire a certified contractor with the acac.org or iicrc.org – A certified contractor has the correct equipment to alleviate the issue and setup engineering controls to prevent the spread of airborne mold spores while removal or remediation is occurring. Many times this process can take longer than the actual removal process because safety comes first. We handle most all mold issues very similarly because anybody can be allergic or have symptoms to any type of mold species. We are all different. Mold typically affects the younger individuals or the immune compromised older population more easily generally speaking.


    1. Once all the engineering controls are setup physical removal is done, water extraction if needed, repairing a leak if there is one, wire brushing salvageable wood frame members which hold a building up, treating salvaged materials and everything inside the work area is wiped down with a sterilizer anti microbial agent, once that is dried an epoxy sealant type coating is applied as a last measure to prevent any future growth or inhibit it from reoccurring with a new future leak in the same area.


    1. Final step is clearance testing if required by the property manager or owner of the property. Typically in real estate transactions these are to be done before escrow is to close.


  1. Once there is a clearance on the job and the source of the issue has been corrected repairing what was removed is the next step. We are licensed, bonded and insured to quickly and efficiently rebuild cabinetry for kitchens, laundry rooms exc.. repair drywall, replace insulation, texture the walls and paint as needed.

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