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Call Now For Mold Removal Orange County

Mold Removal Orange County

United Restoration & Construction is a leader in Orange County structural damage recovery. Our licensed and certified professionals are experts in mold abatement, mold treatment and mold mitigation services.

Our toxic mold treatment, mold repair and mold restoration success is unmatched in southern California. When you want to remove mold from your home or commercial building, URS should be your first call.

After we clean your property, our mold abatement services will help stop mold growth and avoid airborne spores from future contamination activities.

Difference between OC Black Mold Removal Companies

Mold comes in many colors, even white. The media often considers black mold, often called toxic mold, the most disturbing. United Restoration & Construction black mold treatment procedures will remove black mold, while our black mold remediation technique helps black mold cleanup and helps keep it from returning to your home or commercial property.

As part of our removal of black mold, URS also kills the airborne mold spores that originally generated and spread the problem to other areas. When you encounter black mold, contact us for consultation and advice.


The URS Difference for Mold Removal

United Restoration & Construction is one of the leading area professional mold removal companies, whatever the color plaguing your property. As the top mold removal company in Orange County, URS is a mold removal specialist, along with restoring your property after water or other damage.

Our mold removal service procedures rid your home or commercial property without further messy cleanup necessities. URS mold abatement techniques help keep mold, and their spores, from returning to your home or office. Contact us to learn why URS is your best choice to remove mold and return your property to health.

Removing Mold in your OC Home

If your home is your castle, URS house mold removal procedures will restore your castle to its pristine state. We developed our superior residential mold removal expertise over many years of combined experience with household mold removal in many OC areas.
Mold removal in home services is one of our most popular offerings. URS is available to you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We offer experienced mold testing procedures to measure your indoor air quality and determine which procedures we will use to rid your home of mold and its effects.

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