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Choose United Restoration for Mold Testing Orange County

Mold Testing Orange County

Why is testing for mold important? Could you benefit from a mold assessment? Consider what mold testing companies do and the reasons to test for mold.

Techniques for Inspecting Mold in your OC Home

Mold inspections create a baseline for future testing by establishing current mold levels. Mold inspections also set the parameters for mold remediation by establishing the specific locations that mold is growing. Additionally, a certified mold inspection gives you the proof you need to make sure you receive insurance coverage for mold inspection services and the remediation process.


Once the presence of mold has been established, home mold inspection companies determine what type is growing to possibly explain any health problems you have been experiencing. Certain types, such as black mold, can cause serious health consequences, especially in the very young, elderly, or those with compromised immune systems.

Quality Detection Service for Future Mold

Another important part of home mold detection is to find hidden mold growing in areas you can’t see. Mold detection services provide thorough testing to uncover any hidden mold problems.

Often, mold detection services run another sweep after the removal process is complete to show that all mold has been successfully removed. This can prove useful for homeowners who plan to sell in the future and want to put potential buyers’ minds at ease.

Get Professional Black Mold Testing for your OC Home

Testing for black mold, technically known as Stachybotrys, is an important step in removing this toxic substance. This type of mold can cause a number of mental, respiratory and circulatory problems in those exposed to it. That’s why black mold testing should be left to professionals with the right tools and experience.

United Restoration and Construction is your source for a professional toxic mold test and remediation in Orange County. We complete a thorough mold air test to eliminate the problem as soon as possible. Contact us today to get started.

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