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Most Common Different Types of Indoor Mold

Different Types of Mold

In California there are no current regulations pertaining to the remediation and/or removal of environmental mold contamination. Nevertheless, industry standard remediation methods are encouraged, and vary depending on type and extent of the fungal species, exposure levels and amount of damage. After a thorough microbial contamination test or microscopy is achieved with conformation of increased spore levels should the remediation event occur. One of the simplest methods for detecting a microbial infestation is via smell and visual inspection.

If you experience any unusual smell or see any mold or mildew growing anywhere in your home, you need to act quickly. Call us if you need a professional mold inspection or mold removal in Orange County, California.

Identifying the common types of mold that are found in a home can help determine the best way to handle the situation. Since the types of molds that may be in a home are potentially dangerous to health, it is important to learn about the mold species so that professional help is obtained before health concerns arise. Mold information varies based on the common indoor molds that are found in a house.


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Alternaria is one of the mold types in homes that may grow on food or in any damp location within a home. It is also commonly found in outdoor locations on plants and in the soil.

Since Alternaria can cause infections in humans, it is important to have the mold species removed as soon as it is noticed. Infections may seem similar to allergy symptoms.


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Aspergillius is a potentially dangerous type of mold that grows in areas with a high oxygen content. When the mold is found in any home, it may be necessary to seek aspergillus treatment.

The aspergillus species are often classified as allergenic, opportunistic infections or toxic, depending on the specific species.


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Cladosporium mold species are a type of mold that is found in indoor and outdoor locations. Although it is not known to cause illnesses, the mold growth can cause infections. It is most likely to cause rashes, skin infections and infections in the eyes or sinuses.

Brain infections have sometimes been reported after exposure to Cladosporium.


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Epicoccum mold is known to grow on food, in the soil and on plants. It is not known to cause any infections in humans or animals. Although the mold growth is usually yellow, orange or red at first, it can turn black over time and might be mistaken for other types of mold.

Since some black molds are dangerous to health, a professional should evaluate the mold and remove it, even if it is an epicoccum species.


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Penicillium species are a widespread type of mold that grows in indoor and outdoor locations. It is known to cause infections, particularly penicilliosis infections. The infection from Penicillium marneffei is often reported by AIDS patients or individuals who are taking immunosuppresive therapies.

The infection can be fatal, so it is important to eliminate the mold growth as soon as it is discovered.

Stachybotrys Chartarum

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Stachybotrys chartarum is a type of toxic mold that often grows in homes. It is commonly called black mold and is often the subject of concern when it comes to dangerous mold growth in buildings.

In general, black mold stachybotrys should be removed by a professional to ensure that the building is safe. Stachybotrys removal should not be attempted by homeowners, business owners or facility members of a public building.

A variety of mold types are found in the natural environment. Some species of mold are dangerous to health, so it is important to have any mold removed as soon as it is discovered to reduce the risks.

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