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See the Equipment We Use For Structural Drying

Structual Drying Equipment Used

United Restoration has dozens of instruments and equipment in its arsenal. Each serves a unique purpose.

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Air Mover: Our commercial restoration air movers come in different shapes and sizes depending on the demands of a specific job. United Restoration understands that each job is unique and requires knowledge of how each unit works in different scenarios. Our applied structural drying certifications and industry experience ensure we are making the right choice when attempting to encourage evaporation.



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Dehumidifiers: Specifically designed for Restoration, our fleet of dehumidification equipment comes in several shapes and sizes depending on the job description and drying goals. Unlike many, United Restoration utilizes LGR or higher standards in its fleet. (LGR) stands for Low Grain Refrigerant. United Restoration has come to understanding that costly standards such as these offer our clients the highest level of water vapor removal. In some cases it’s technology like this that can save insurance companies and property owners thousands of dollars in a particular loss. Desiccant dehumidification is the newest technology which in some instances can bring rH (relative humidity) percentages in a structure down to extremely low levels. This dehumidification is typically used in small hard to reach areas that require targeted drying

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Temperature control: It’s a well known scientific fact that heat rises. When temperature increases, its ability to hold more water vapor also increases. United Restoration can quickly and safely increase the “Thirst” of the air. At 70°F, air can hold twice the moisture of air at 50°F. This particular difference of twenty degrees allows us to evaporate twice the moisture from structural materials. With small and large portable restoration furnaces and heat treated disposable ducting we can heat or cool a small room to a large crawl space or basement with ease. From water damage to fire damage, commercial, construction, remediation or rental, the United Restoration takes charge of the temperature environment to enhance a specific jobs needs.


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Filtration Units: Specifically designed for restoration, with versatile features, our HEPA negative air units are ideal for handling indoor air quality needs on every restoration job. (HEPA) is an acronym for (High efficiency Particulate Air) and has a rating of 99.97% filtration against 0.3-micron oily aerosol particles. Any job that involves sewage, mold, or fire damage clearly involves significant amounts of particulates and putrid gasses – a direct result of the damage itself. In a water damage restoration environment, the high-velocity airflow needed for drying can stir up particulates that have settled in carpet padding or on other materials. Our HEPA negative air machines address indoor air quality quickly and efficiently, and help restore any environment to a pre-loss condition – the ultimate goal of every restoration job.


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Moisture meters come in different forms. Invasive meters penetrate into a porus object and give off a reading of water positive or negative. Non-invasive moisture meters allow us to track the amount of moisture in “points” without having to penetrate into particular building materials.



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Hammer Probe – Allows a technician to hammer into hard porous objects such as wood to document moisture levels.




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Remote Monitoring– Allows us to track temperature, humidity offsite and offers constant real-time remote job site monitoring from practically wherever there is internet access.




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Psychrometric Calculator – Allows a technician to calculate GPP, thirst, dewpoint, LGR pints, airflow.S




Manometer – allows a technician to check, verify and compare pressure differentials inside and outside of a negative air chamber.

Digital Psychrometer – A device that calculates temperature, dew point, relative humidity, grains quickly and efficiently while on the job.

Infared Imaging – Uses temperature differentials through infared technology. This relatively new and expensive technology is changing how water damage losses are handled. This device allows us to ensure nothing is missed and we are drying all affected building materials.

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